Professor: 436
Graduate office: 501B
Department of Chemistry
Yonsei University
Shinchon-dong, Seodaemun-Gu
Seoul 03722, Korea
We are looking for proactive undergraduates, graduate students who can study a synthesis of nanomaterials, develpoment of supramolecular chemistries, their photophysical properties, and high throughput optical platforms for carbon nanomaterials. Whoever interested in this group, please feel free to call or contact us.
Currently, we are offering position for post doc centered on spectroelectrochemistry(2019-2021). Please mention it in your email.

Lab Events

21/06/08 Jehyun's birthday☆

20/12/11 Minsuk got 2020-2 Merit Academic Paper award

20/08/28 Younghoon graduation

20/07/01 Flash meeting with grilled beef intestines (gopchang-gui) and beer

20/06/24 Younghoon's birthday

20/01/04 New Year's First Group Lunch

19/10/14-16 9th World Congress & Expo on Nanotechnology & Material science (poster presentation, Osaka)

19/08/30 Junmo, Youngho graduation

19/05/18 Teacher's day and CNML Homecoming (Hyunkyu, Ujin)

19/04/17-19 2019 General Meeting of the KCS, Spring (poster presentation, Suwon)

19/04/11 Flash meeting with wine and beer

18/11/09 Ansan Jarak-gil tracking

18/10/09-12 ISAMS 2018 (poster presentation, Shanghai)

18/08/31 Eunhye graduation

18/05/05 Teacher's day and CNML Homecoming (Hanul, Jinsook, Ujin, Yonggeun, Myunsu, Sukhyun)

18/04/18-20 2018 General Meeting of the KCS, Spring (poster presentation, Jeju)

18/01/10 NCC 2018 (poster & oral presentation, Seoul)