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Chemistry – Central Science of the 21st Century!

Chemistry is a discipline of the physical sciences that strives to understand the structure, composition, properties, and changes of the matter at the molecular level. Chemistry is often referred to as “the central science” due to its role in bridging all fields of the natural sciences. The scope of chemistry research is vast, spanning from atoms to advanced living beings. The Department of Chemistry of Yonsei University is devoted to the education of a new generation of chemists, innovators, and leaders. It began its educational mission in 1917 as the first dedicated chemistry department in Korea. Throughout its rich history, it has built a reputation for conducting world-class research and fostering qualified graduates who have contributed to academia and the industry.

Fostering Innovative Scientists

Many of our alumni continue their educational excellence and passion in graduate studies
Yonsei Chemistry graduates are playing key roles in universities, national labs, and private research institutions

Career Paths After Graduation

Medical and Pharmaceutical Sector: antibiotics, anti-cancer agents, artificial organelles
Electronics, Semiconductors, and New Materials: electronic devices, superconducting materials, displays
Petrochemical Sector: refining, synthetic fibers, various plastics
Energy Sector: batteries, energy storage, nuclear energy
Environmental Sector: waste water treatment, catalysts for waste management